Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !!! Yikes!

Once again my mighty sidekick Dixie has cooperated, begrudgingly it appears, to humor me in my quest for silly dog pics.She should have been in festive New Year Party wear,my fault.I am trying to wear her out in the evenings with some dog training routines that seem to help tire her.
As for downsizing my life,I'm still working at it.After forty years in one home a lot of stuff has been acquired.Many things are headed off to Goodwill as well as ebay,hope to try Amazon too this year cause I have tons of books.It just all takes time,discipline and patience and some organizational skills,a plan and bags and boxes...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is Coming!!!!

The first snow of the season arrived today, helping to make me feel like Christmas is really on its way.I almost got my organizing goals accomplished before Thanksgiving,but once again ran out of days...story of my life!
I've pulled out all the Christmas decorations, and it will be fun going through what I have and decorating for the holidays.It will help me get into the Christmas spirit,along with baking some cookies.
Speaking of decorations,I decided to decorate my canine companion Dixie.I don't think she's too happy about it! She's been with me a year now...and we've come a long way!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tradition Glitters this year at Christmas!!

You can never have too much gold, red, green  and GLITTER at the holidays! Finished up decorating Christmas trees at  the store this week. This 9 foot entry tree was the last of a dozen theme trees that I planned and decorated  at work this year.(Just need to make a tree topper bow to finish it off.)
Other popular themes are candy/ gingerbread with the ever popular cupcakes this year.Bronze, gold and copper is another good decorators choice. The  bird tree  filled with bright red cardinals,shimmering nests and ruby throated hummingbirds is always poplar.A frosted tree decorated with snowflakes, angels and crystal is another scene stealer.
Red, white and green is also  a very traditional look, with or without  the sparkle.Snowman themes are great, cause they still are appropriate in January.
34 days til Christmas,but who's counting?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow,but it looks so good!

After living in a home for almost 40 years I've accumulated a lot of stuff. I've been busy re-organizing and cleaning closets and cupboards so when I move it will be easier and faster.But at the moment the place is a disaster, as I go through clothes,books, and photographs.
I need a better plan.Clean 3 rooms in 3 weeks, a Thanksgiving deadline, sounds like a good goal and plan.
So I'm busy boxing up stuff for Goodwill and taking photos for ebay items.Cleaning out the book case and redoing old magnetic photo albums.The shelves and albums are looking so good! I am inspired to continue on.It's good to have goals.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jack Frost is knocking on the Door to your Garden

 Before Jack Frost comes knocking at your garden door,take a few minutes to make notes on what worked in your garden this year (or didn't) and start a plan for next year.
Its time now to plant spring bulbs such as,tulips,jonquils,hyacinths.....
You can also dig up your geraniums and keep them in a frost free spot(I put mine in an unheated cellar) and pot them up late next winter.
Don't forget to pot up your herbs,rosemary and  basil are a couple I have luck with indoors.
Also, I bring inside my Mandevilla and bougainvillea they go fairly dormant over the winter,but will rejuvenate once they go outside next spring.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Decorating Ideas Easy and Inexpensive

Fall decorating ideas.Easy and inexpensive ideas to decorate your home for fall.Starting outside your home to brighten your neighborhood and greet your guests.
Rejuvenate your summer pots by replacing spent annuals with garden mums,pansies,kale and grasses.You could also pot up a bushel basket, which says welcome to the harvest season.
How about an autumn garden flag to greet your neighbors."Fall Still Life" by Cindy Ray and produced by Evergreen Enterprises (pictured) is sure to please.

Maybe about a new fall wreath for your front door?

A new autumn welcome mat and a few pumpkins will complete the fall decorating look for a very few dollars and put a smile on your face.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What happened to...SUMMER????

I had the best of intentions and ideas all summer long but, my real life took over.My new grand daughter was the highlight!
All the rain keep me mowing, weeding and donating blood to the mosquito population.
Now that September is here its time for a do over. A mid year reevaluation of my thoughts, ideas and plans to guide me through the rest of the year and beyond.
For me it will mean buckling down and writing at least once a week,hopefully more.
Taking some classes,doing some painting,and downsizing my life....(I feel lighter already)
But still taking time as my Dad says to, " stop and smell the flowers!"